Alcohol Rehab in Palm Beach County

Alcohol rehabs in Palm Beach County help men, women, teens and their families find health and healing. Almost all of us know someone who has been affected by alcoholism. It is a disease that does not discriminate. Alcoholism is a chronic and progressive illness. If left untreated, it can devastate individuals and their families.

Fortunately there is hope. Alcohol rehabs can provide you with the opportunity to address the issues that have both caused and been created by your drinking. The first step is realizing that your drinking has become a problem.

You may need alcohol rehab if:

  • You experience frequent blackouts

Drinking too much too quickly can cause blackouts. If you drink to get “wasted” this is cause for concern. Drinking like this can not only create physical stress on your body, but begin to take a toll mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well.

  • You go to great lengths to hide your drinking

Do you hide bottles of liquor around the house? Do you chew gum or mints to disguise the smell of alcohol on your breath? Do you drink before going out so people don’t know how much you drink? These are all signs you may need alcohol rehab.

  • You have experienced legal consequences as a result of your drinking

These do not have to be legal consequences directly related to drinking, such as DUIs or a charge for drinking in public. Do people often tell you that your fun to hang out with…until you start drinking or take it too far? Have you gotten into trouble for altercations while under the influence? Do you do things that get you into trouble that you would never do sober?

  • You have begun to experience depression and/or anxiety as your drinking has increased

Excessive drinking can both be the cause of and result of depression and anxiety. Some people drink to self-medicate symptoms of depression and anxiety, although it in fact only exacerbates the problem. For some, heavy drinking (and the consequences created by it) can lead to intensified feelings of emotional distress.

There is a Solution is a treatment placement service. We work with a number of alcohol rehabs in Palm Beach County and the South Florida area. Our free services help people find the best alcohol rehab facility for their specific needs.

Call There is a Solution today at 1-800-832-5250. We can answer your questions 24/7 and find you immediate placement at an alcohol rehab in Florida.

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