Alcohol Treatment for Women in Florida

“There is scarcely any form of trouble and misery which has not been overcome among us.”


The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous


Alcoholism is a devastating disease—but it is a devastating disease from which recovery is possible. Combining medical treatment, therapeutic methods and the 12 Step model, alcohol treatment for women in Florida offers comprehensive care that promotes long term recovery.


You didn’t become an alcoholic overnight. Recovery is a process. It is important to allow yourself time to heal and adjust to sobriety. Alcohol treatment for women in Florida is a progressive process that gently transitions women into a sober lifestyle:



Alcohol treatment for women in Florida begins with a detox. Prior to addressing the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of recovery, you must first be physically stable. Withdrawing from alcohol can dangerous if attempted alone—even life-threatening. For women who attempt to quit using alcohol on their own, the withdrawal symptoms— such as nausea, cold sweats, anxiety and the shakes—will often cause them to return to drinking. Detox can monitor your vital signs and provide you with the proper medication to ensure a detox that is safe and as comfortable as possible.



Inpatient alcohol treatment offers a safe and monitored environment for the first part of the recovery process. It is crucial to remove the alcoholic from the environment in which they have been drinking. If you are trying to find treatment for a loved one, it is recommend that the facility you choose be far enough away that it is not easy for them to leave. The first few days in sobriety can be a very vulnerable time for alcoholics—it is important that they are in a place where they can get the support they need.



Outpatient treatment and sober living are the basis of aftercare follow up. Inpatient treatment is where the work begins—outpatient allows you to continue the work you have started and practice putting into action what you have learned. For many, remaining in an inpatient facility for an extended period of time is not a realistic option. Outpatient alcohol treatment is a way to remain connected to addictions professionals while returning to work or school.


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