Drunk Driving and the Super Bowl

“Fans don’t let fans drive drunk” is the slogan for the campaign against drunk driving during the Super Bowl. According to ABC news, the number of incidents of drunk driving on Super Bowl Sunday is up there with the number of incidents on New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day, and drunk driving fatalities on Super Bowl Sunday are the second highest of the year after New Year’s Eve. Anticipating this trend, law enforcement plans accordingly with an increase amount of officers patrolling and numerous drunk driving check points set up. Having a designated driving can be the difference between a fun time and a DUI—or worse.


If you are hosting a Super Bowl party, there a several steps you can take to help keep your guests safe. The following are several ways to prevent drunk driving after the Super Bowl:


  • Include party games (that do not revolve around alcohol) to take the focus off drinking
  • Serve non-alcoholic party drinks named after the teams playing
  • Stop serving alcohol at the end of the third quarter
  • Don’t hesitate to step in if someone is attempting to drive home drunk. It may be uncomfortable and they may try to argue with you, but they will thank you in the morning.  Remember, you can be held legally responsible if someone you serve gets into an accident. That means you can be sued or prosecuted if someone leaves your party drunk and gets into an accident. Be safe and have the numbers of several taxi cab companies ready.


Drinking to intoxication can be a symptom of a more serious issue. If you are concerned that someone you love may an alcohol problem, it is important to act. A person struggling with alcohol abuse issues are more likely to get worse—not better—if left alone. Alcoholism is recognized as a disease by medical professionals, meaning that a person who is an alcoholic cannot just “get it together” or “learn to control their drinking.” They are suffering from a physical, mental and spiritual illness that causes them to react differently to alcohol.


There is a Solution is a free drug and alcohol placement service. If you suspect that you or a loved one has a substance abuse problem, call us today at 1-800-832-5250. Our caring, experienced staff can help you determine if treatment is necessary and what level of care would be best. Don’t wait until alcohol takes everything from you—seek help today.