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Sober Living Florida | Halfway House Palm Beach County | Tiasnow

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Sober Living

Sober Living

What is Sober Living?

Sober living residences—also known as sober homes, transitional living residences or halfway houses—are homes designed to help men and women in the early stages of recovery transition into living a sober life.

What are the Benefits of Sober Living?

Research has shown again and again that men and women who choose to follow up treatment with an aftercare program that includes sober living enjoy significantly higher success rates than those who return home directly following treatment. The premise is simple—if you surround yourself with other recovering addicts and alcoholics who are striving to do the next right thing for their recovery and stay in an environment where you are required to participate in activities that will benefit and strengthen your recovery program, the chances that you will achieve long-term sobriety are far better than if you were to return home to the same environment with familiar people, places and things.

Early sobriety is an adjustment period. Treatment has given addicts and alcoholics the tools they need to stay sober—but they still need to practice using them and applying what they have learned in real life situations. Sober living homes provide a structured environment with a built-in support system. Using drugs and drinking is not something addicts and alcoholics just did—they experienced their addiction as a way of life. The behaviors and thought patterns developed during active addiction are deeply ingrained in them. The more time spent in a recovery focused atmosphere, the better they are able to seamlessly adapt to a new, sober way of life.

What Can I Expect During the Time I Spend at a Sober Living Residence?

Sober living offers affordable, furnished housing for addicts and alcoholics as they begin their journey in recovery. While different houses will have different rules and expectations, there are certain general guidelines that most halfway houses enforce:

  • Sobriety

Sober houses expect residents to maintain their sobriety and will regularly drug test clients to ensure that they are staying sober.

  • Curfew

A curfew is in place at most sober living homes to help clients avoid placing themselves in potentially tempting situations. This curfew will often be extended as the resident demonstrates a willingness to follow the house guidelines and work a program. Many transitional living residences are willing to make exceptions for those who have to work at night.

  • Meeting Attendance

This refers both to 12 Step meetings and “house meetings.” Residents must attend 12 Step meetings on a regular basis. They are also expected to find a sponsor and start working the 12 Steps of recovery. House meetings take place once a week and are an opportunity for residents to voice their concerns, struggles and successes. They are a way for sober homes to develop a stronger sense of community and address issues as they come up.

  • Employment

Residents at sober homes are expected to either find employment, volunteer work or go to school. This helps promote a greater sense of accountability and responsibility in residents.

And of course you can also expect caring and compassionate house managers who are often in recovery themselves. These are men and women who have achieved long-term sobriety and were drawn to working in an environment that allows them to help others. Some sober houses will also host different fun events for the residents, such as barbeques. Certain houses will also provide transportation to 12 Step meetings and grocery stores.

At There is a Solution, our relationships with a number of sober living residences means that we are able to find you immediate placement in a sober living home. We are also able to set up tours of different houses to make sure you find a house that suits your needs.

To learn more about sober living residences, or to have us find you placement today, call There is a Solution at 1-800-832-5250.