Pathways to Peace for Women

Sober Living at Pathways to Peace

Pathways to Peace for women is a  image of a women's halfway house in Floridahalfway house in Florida. It offers two locations: one in Lake Worth and one in West Palm Beach.

The Lake Worth house is also located close to the Intracoastal and is minutes from the beach. It is several blocks from downtown Lake Worth, parks and Publix (a local grocery store).

image of a women's halfway house in west palm beach


The West Palm Beach sober living residence is located across the street from the Intra-coastal and is minutes away from City Place in downtown  West Palm Beach. City Place is made up of a number of restaurants and shops where many of the residents are able to find employment.
image of a bedroom at a women's halfway house in florida


Both of these halfway house offers a safe and structured environment for women who are working towards their sobriety. Pathways offers a number of amenities designed to create a secure and comfortable place for women working on rebuilding their lives. Both locations are well-lit with security cameras on the outside of the premises. Management is onsite 24/7.

image of a women's halfway house


Pathways to Peace offers more structure than most halfway houses. For the first 2 weeks, residents are assigned a buddy that will go with them whenever they leave the property. For the first 30 days, there is a 10:30 curfew, mandatory evening 12 Step meetings and no overnight passes.  Pathways provides transportation to 12 Step meetings, church services and Walmart. Pathways also takes residents on different outings that help them learn how to have fun in sobriety, such as concerts, fairs and water parks.

Women at Pathways will stay anywhere from one month to a year. Residents that have been at the house longer are able to offer guidance and support to women who are new to the help. The weekly houses meetings encourage an open and honest discussion of both community and personal concerns.

Both locations are made up of 2 bedroom 2 bathroom suites and one bedroom one bathroom suites with 2 residents to a room. There is ample closet space and residents are provided with brand new sheets and towels. They are responsible for their own food, clothes and toiletries.

To learn more about Pathways to Peace sober living for women or to see if there is a bed available, call 1-800-832-5250.