The Enclave

Sober Living at The Enclaveimage of a halfway house in florida

Sober living for women at The Enclave provides a safe and caring environment in which
women in the early stages of the recovery process can learn how to live and enjoy live again without the use of drugs and alcohol. With no more than eight women staying at The Enclave at one time, the small, closely knit community is ideal for forming lasting friendships and building strong, recovery-based relationships.

image of a halfway house in floridaMaking the decision to stay at a sober living home can greatly benefit your recovery in a number of ways. Isolation and chaos play a huge part in active addiction. Just because we remove the drug or the drink does not mean we automatically stop acting out in the same behaviors that characterized our addiction. We have to be patient with ourselves and give ourselves every opportunity available to succeed. Surrounded by peers who are in similar situations and striving towards the same goal, residents learn to build a strong support network.

The Enclave is located in Lake Worth, Florida and is walking distance to grocery stores, 12 Step meetings and transportation. A modern townhome with beautiful amenities such as granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, onsite washer and dryer and a image of a halfway house in Floridacomputer that residents are free to use , women at The Enclave feel immediately at home. The dedicated staff is available 24/7 to ensure that women at the sober house always have someone to reach out to.

The goal of sober living should be not only learning how to achieve physical sobriety, but emotional sobriety as well. The Enclave supports women who decide to continue treatment and provides access to different Intensive Outpatient Programs. Part of maintaining a “recovery first” atmosphere is requiring that the women at The Enclave work a program of recovery by attending meetings and getting a sponsor. If you decide not to attend meetings or work a program of recovery, you may be asked to leave. Regular drug and alcohol testing ensures a safe and sober atmosphere. If you relapse, you will be asked to leave.

To learn more about The Enclave, or to check on bed availability, contact There is a Solution today or click here. We specialize in sober living placement and can help you find a transitional living residence that works best for your specific needs and financial situation. You can reach us 24/7 by calling 1-800-832-5250. We also can arrange tours of different sober living homes for you.