The Salvage Yard

The Salvage Yard

image of a halfway house for men in West Palm Beach FloridaLocated in West Palm Beach, Florida, The Salvage Yard is an affordable sober living home for men beginning the recovery process and in need of added support and structure during the first few months of their sobriety.

Run by men in recovery, this halfway house offers a small, tight knit community of men who are serious about their sobriety. Residents are expected to attend 12 Step meetings on a regular and work a program of recovery. This means they need to get a sponsor and begin working the steps and applying the principles of the program into their daily lives. Residents must also find employment, go to school or attend an outpatient program.

image of a men's halfway house in West Palm Beach FloridaThe Salvage Yard believes that halfway houses should work to help their residents succeed in their recovery and that by encouraging accountability through rules and structure men can find the strength they need to overcome the challenges they may face in early sobriety. By providing a safe sober environment, residents can focus on their recovery and reach out for help from their peers or house managers when they feel triggered to drink or use. Regular drug testing and a zero tolerance policy for men who relapse help clients recognize the consequences of picking up a drink or a drug and force them to think twice about whether or not it is worth it.

image of a men's halfway house in FloridaThis halfway house offers transportation to 12 Step meetings and, when possible, transportation assistance for residents searching for employment. Gym equipment (weights and a treadmill) are available at the house for residents to use. There is also an in-ground pool on the property as well as a horseshoe pit.  The house itself has been recently renovated and has wireless internet, a laundry room and plasma screen TVs.

To learn more about The Salvage Yard, or to reserve a bed today, call 1-800-832-5250 or click here.