Signs Your Husband is an Alcoholic

The warning signs that someone is an alcoholic may not be as obvious as you would think. Many people have in their mind the image of a man on skid row who cannot hold a job and has lost everything. This is not always the case. A person can keep their job, their home and take care of daily responsibilities and still be an alcoholic.

Watching someone you love struggle with alcoholism can be devastating. If you suspect that your husband has a drinking problem, you may feel at a loss.

The first step is knowing the signs of alcoholism. Your husband may have a drinking problem is he exhibits any of the following behaviors:

  • He drinks to deal with stress or other emotions

There is always an excuse—I had a hard day, I’m under a lot of stress at work, it helps me relax, I’m in physical pain, if you had my job you would drink etc…

  • Gets defensive when questioned about his drinking

If you husband becomes upset or angry when you question him about his drinking, this is a sign that he may have an alcohol problem and he does not want to acknowledge it.

  • Drinks before he goes out and only likes to go places where alcohol is served

This is a sign that he is overly focused on drinking.

  • Starts to experience legal issues as a result of his drinking

This includes not only DUI’s— any legal issues stemming from an incident that occurred while your husband was drinking. Does your husband become so intoxicated that he gets aggressive or irrational? Does his drinking affect his decision making abilities?

  • Promises that he will stop or slow down but doesn’t

He may be able to stop for a week or even a month, but eventually he starts drinking again.

If you are concerned that your husband is an alcoholic, it’s important that you speak with someone who has experience in the treatment field who can help you determine the next step to take. If the signs indicate that your husband is an alcoholic, speaking with a professional can help get your husband the treatment that he needs.  There is a Solution is a free treatment referral service that helps men and women get the help that they need. We are a team of addictions specialists and professional interventionists.

If you are concerned that your husband, or anyone you care about, may be an alcoholic, call There is a Solution today at 1-800-832-5250.