Alternative Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

Steps taken in the drug and alcohol treatment field have led the way for the development of new alternative treatment methods that are able to better address the needs of men and women embarking on the recovery process. Treatment standards that have proven over time to be effective in helping individuals overcome their addictions—such as cognitive behavioral therapy and the 12 Step model—are being paired with alternative therapies to offer comprehensive treatment for substance abuse.

The “one size fits all” treatment mentality of the past is no longer seen as the most effective way to treat an individual struggling with addiction. Alternative treatment methods began being applied to the treatment process as researchers began to have a more complete understanding of the underlying factors that can contribute to addiction and developed treatments specific to these issues. While educational lectures can help clients have a better understanding of addiction, treatment needs to include more than sitting and listening to counselors talk. Group should be based on the participation of clients and encourage them to explore different ways to share their concerns and address the challenges that they facing.

Holistic Programs

Holistic drug and alcohol recovery programs are designed to promote mental, physical and spiritual recovery. A holistic program will incorporate activities like yoga, tai chi, massage, guided meditation and acupuncture.

Faith Based Programs

For those who want a faith based approach to treatment, Christian rehab programs offer a strong Christian foundation that focuses on finding strength and comfort through Christ. Clients learn to find answers in Biblical scripture and receive counseling from Christian therapists.

Expressive Therapies

Expressive therapies refer to the therapies that promote creative expression as a means of healing. For some, they struggle verbalizing their thoughts and feelings through traditional talk therapy. Creative outlets allow them to discover new insights and share with others what they are struggling with.

Outpatient Treatment

While most people are familiar with the 28 or 30 day inpatient model, not as many people are familiar with outpatient treatment. Clients in and outpatient treatment program will only attend treatment between 3 to 25 hours a week while they work or attend school and live either at home or at a sober living residence.

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