Planning an Intervention

If someone you love is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may feel completely powerless to help them and be unsure of the steps to take. An intervention is a way that family and friends can reach out to an individual who is abusing drugs and alcohol to try and help them move past their denial and receive treatment. The following are steps you should take when planning an intervention:



  • Speak with friends and family members

Try to determine the extent of your loved one’s drinking and using by speaking with those close to him/her. This allows everyone to get on the same page.

  • Decide on consequences

It is critical to determine what the consequences will be for you loved one if he or she refuses to go into treatment and that you will follow through with. Enabling your loved one by providing him/her with a place to live, money, food etc. is only allowing their addiction to progress.

  • Write down what you want to say

Plan ahead what you would like to say and write it down. It may help to write it in a letter format. Explain to your loved how his/her actions are affecting you. Explain that it is because you care that you cannot sit by and watch someone you love hurt themselves any longer.

In addition to following these steps when planning an intervention, you want to make sure to contact a professional interventionist and a drug and alcohol treatment center. Interventions can turn into volatile situations, especially in the person you are trying to help has a history of violence while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. It is important that you have a place to take your loved one to the moment that they agree to get help.

There is a Solution is a free treatment referral and intervention service that helps men, women and teens overcome substance abuse and go on to lead sober, healthy lives. We can not only assist you with the intervention, but we can get your loved one immediate placement in a drug and alcohol rehab.

It is also important that you remember to take care of yourself. When so much focus is placed on the individual with the drug or alcohol problem , we neglect to take care of our own needs. There is a Solution helps not only addicts and alcoholics get the help that they need, but the families as well. We can connect you to family support groups and family programs designed to help you and you loved one come together and heal.

If you are trying to get a loved one into treatment and need help planning an intervention, contact There is a Solution today at 1-800-832-5250.