Christian Based Treatment for Alcoholism


I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.

Psalm 32:8

Relieved of the alcohol obsession, their lives unaccountably transformed, they came to believe in a Higher Power, and most of them began to talk of God.

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Christian based treatment for alcoholism is designed to treat the physical, mental and spiritual consequences of the disease of active alcohol addiction. The services these facilities offer provide a balanced approach to recovery that encourages successful, long-term sobriety. A medically supervised detox, medication and alternative pain management techniques combined with nutrition classes and exercise help clients cleanse their bodies of toxins and achieve physical stability. A variety of therapies, such as cognitive therapy, art therapy, trauma therapy, group and family sessions and dual diagnosis treatment allow clients to begin the process of healing mentally and emotionally. But what about the spiritual part of recovery?

The very nature of a program of recovery is spiritual. What a Christian based treatment center for alcoholism is able to give clients is the opportunity to build a strong relationship with God. It is this relationship that can sustain them throughout their recovery. The goal of the 12 Steps is to help men and women achieve a spiritual awakening that will allow them live their lives not only without alcohol, but without the desire to drink. Anyone that has ever struggled with alcoholism, or known someone who has, knows the baffling, devastating nature of the disease. A woman that swears she wants nothing more than to stop drinking and to get her life back, gets a couple days of sobriety together and then, with no reason, ends up drunk again. A man with everything to lose promises his family that he will never drink a drop again—and means it—but that night he is back at the bar. Limitless support, tough love, threats, bribes—nothing seems to work. For so many of us, it was not until we developed a meaningful relationship with God that we finally found freedom from the disease of alcoholism.

There is a Solution is not a treatment center, but a free service that helps men and women find affordable treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. In addition to working with traditional drug and alcohol rehab centers, we work with various Christian based treatment centers for alcoholism and can help you find one that is both able to address your specific needs and is affordable. To learn more about how we can help you or your loved one, call us 24/7 at 1-800-832-5250.

Am I Addicted to Cocaine? 10 Signs that You May have a Cocaine Problem

Cocaine is a powerful and highly addictive stimulant that is easy to become addicted to. For many, what starts off as “recreational use” quickly spirals out of control, leaving the user asking, “Am I addicted to cocaine?”


The following are 10 signs that you may have a cocaine problem:

  • You spend more than you can afford on your cocaine habit

Are you finding that you no longer have money to spend on anything other than cocaine? Rather than cutting back on your cocaine use, are you trying to figure out ways to make more money? Have you turned to illegal or high risk behaviors in order to make money in order to pay for your addiction?

  • You attempt to cut back on your using or quit entirely but find that you can’t

This is a strong indicator that you are addicted to cocaine.

  • You dropped old friends for new friends who also use cocaine

Individuals who have a problem with cocaine will either attempt to hide their use, or drop their real friends for other cocaine users so they don’t have to worry about getting caught or “found out.”

  • You feel like you function better when you are using cocaine

Do you feel like you need to use cocaine to wake up in the morning? To go out and have fun at night? To get things done at work/school?

  • Your work/school work is suffering as a result of your use

Have you started missing days at work/school? Turning in assignments late or not at all? Have you lost your job or been kicked out of school as a result of your cocaine use?

  • You have been arrested as a result of your drug use

This is not “bad luck.” If you were arrested either directly or indirectly as a result of your use, it is because you have a cocaine problem.

  • You have tried to replace cocaine with another substance

It is not the substance itself that is the problem. Addicts that try to switch substances are really just switching addictions.

  • You have experienced physical consequences as a result of your using

Cocaine abuse can cause stroke, panic attacks, heart problems, increased blood pressure, stomach problems and more.

  • You spend all of you time thinking about how to get more

If you don’t have any, you are thinking about how to get some. If you do have some, it never seems like enough.

  • You feel ashamed or depressed the day after

When you use, all of your problems go away. You feel like you can handle anything. When you run out, it can feel like your whole world is crumbling.


If you are concerned that you may be addicted to cocaine, There is a Solution can help. Remember it is just a confidential phone call and the chance to speak honestly with someone about your cocaine use. The staff at There is a Solution is made up of addictions professionals who can help you determine if you are addicted to cocaine and if you need professional drug treatment. We can also help you determine the level of treatment required and which facility is most appropriate for your needs.

Call us 24/7 at 1-800-832-5250.