What is a Halfway House?

image of a bedroom at a halfway housePeople who are unfamiliar with treatment and the recovery process may not know what to expect when they go to a halfway house. They may confuse it with a treatment center or make assumptions about what they are or the type of help they offer.

Halfway houses are different from drug treatment centers. A drug rehab will provide services like a medical detox, dual diagnosis treatment and group and individual therapy. It offers 24/7 supervision and care to clients and will provide meals for clients. Generally, if it is a residential treatment facility, clients will not leave the property aside for an occasional outside 12 Step meeting.

It is usually recommended that people attend detox or inpatient treatment prior to going to a halfway house. This helps them to become physical stable enough to focus on their recovery. Halfway houses offer a lower level of care that is ideal for someone who is transitioning back into their life and adjusting to sobriety. While there is a curfew and, at some sober living homes, an initial buddy system, for the most part clients are able to go to work, meetings, school and participate in different social activities. There are guidelines in place at halfway houses that help residents focus on their sobriety and remain accountable. These include mandatory meeting attendance and regular drug tests. Halfway houses are more affordable than treatment centers and provide a practical long term support option for addicts and alcoholics in early recovery. While drug treatment can cost thousands or even 10’s of thousands of dollars each month. Halfway houses, however, can be anywhere from $500 to $2,000 a month. They range from standard apartments or houses to luxury units. Florida especially is home to a number of halfway houses that are walking distance to the beach, downtown areas and 12 Step meetings.

If you are looking for a halfway house in Florida, There is a Solution can help. We are a referral service and resource guide for men and women who need help for drug and alcohol addictions. We work with a large network of detoxes, residential treatment centers, intensive outpatient programs and halfway houses. We are able to help you through the multiple phases of the recovery process.  Regardless of the level of care you need or what your financial situation is, we can help. Call There is a Solution today at 1-800-832-5250.

How Do I Find a Drug Rehab in Florida for a Loved One?

For anyone who has watched a love one struggle with addiction, more than anything you want them to find the help they need. You want to help, but you feel powerless. You are not alone. Almost everyone has been affected by addiction in some way.

How do I help a loved one get into a drug rehab in Florida?

Finding a drug rehab in Florida can seem like an overwhelming task but it doesn’t have to be. There is a Solution is a drug rehab placement service. We find people the help they need based on their medical and psychiatric needs, treatment history, level of care required, and financial needs.

There is a Solution has made the process of finding a drug rehab in Florida for your loved one easy. We have done the research for you, working with drug rehabs throughout Florida, finding the best and most trusted facilities. We get to know the staff, tour the facility and gain an in-depth understanding of the services and care provided so that we can help you decide which treatment is best able to address your needs. We can help determine if your loved one would require detox, inpatient treatment or an outpatient program. We also work with a large number of sober living homes for men and women. The drug rehabs and sober living communities we work with represent a diverse and comprehensive collection of some of the best programs in Florida. Depending on your personal approach to the recovery process, we can find you different rehab programs, such as Holistic programs, Christian programs, Expressive Therapy Programs and others. Our free services include working with you to build a personal recovery plan tailored to your needs and goals.

There is a Solution can help you or your loved one begin the admissions process. Our staff has helped countless individuals and their families begin the process of rebuilding their lives. Our knowledge and experience enables us to make a professional recommendation on the type of care that can help you the most when it comes to achieving long-term sobriety. Our staff is made up of men and women in recovering who have been through the treatment process.

Don’t wait to find help for you or a loved one. One call allows you to learn about multiple facilities. You can speak with one of our caring addictions professionals 24/7 by calling 1-800-832-5250.