Transitional Living for Men in Florida

image of a transitional living home in floridaWhy Stay at a Transitional Living Residence in Florida?

When you are first getting sober, it can be difficult to stay on track with your sobriety. Even for those who attend inpatient treatment can find that returning home immediately afterwards presents many challenges. They often find themselves surrounded by familiar people, places and things that act as triggers. Though they may desperately want to stay sober, they find themselves slipping back into old behaviors. This is not uncommon. If you have spent years of your life using and acting addictive in behaviors, it takes time to learn how to live a new way of life. It is not practical to think that 30 days in treatment is enough to prepare you to return home. Drug and alcohol treatment facilities can give you the tools you need to stay sober one day at a time—a transitional living home in Florida provides you with a safe and supportive environment in which you can practice using those tools until you are ready to live on your own.

Transitional living for men in Florida provides addicts in the early stages of recovery with the support system they need to stay sober. Also known as sober living homes or halfway houses, transitional living homes are especially ideal for men who have attempted to get sober in the past but find that they keep relapsing. Many people know what they need to do to get sober—go to meetings, get a sponsor, find a home group, work the steps etc. Yet so often they don’t do it. Staying at a sober living home can give you the extra push you need to do the work and stay sober.

How Can I Find a Transitional Living Home for Men in Florida?

There is a Solution is a treatment placement service and recovery resource that helps men and women who are struggling with drug and alcohol addictions find treatment. We work with a large number of transitional living homes for men in Florida and can help you find one where you feel comfortable. We can help arrange tours of various transitional living residences for you as well. Depending on the level of structure, cost and location you are looking for, we can recommend a sober living home that is tailored to your needs.

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Men’s Halfway Houses in Palm Beach County

A men’s halfway house, or sober living facility, is a place where men in early recovery stay for a period of 3 to 6 months, usually following treatment in an inpatient facility or a detox. Men in a halfway house are expected to follow certain house guidelines created to encourage growth and recovery. These guidelines provide the structure that men in their active addiction often lacked.

Why Choose a Men’s Halfway House in Palm Beach County?

Palm Beach County is home to an active and thriving recovery community. There are hundreds of 12 Step meetings to choose from each week. Many of the addicts and alcoholics that come down to Palm Beach County to get sober decide to stay. They have found a new life for themselves and a new beginning. Away from familiar places and people they use to drink and use with, many men find it easier to stay focused on their sobriety. Staying at a halfway house, they are forced to be accountable for their actions in ways that they wouldn’t be if they were living on their own. And of course, Palm Beach county offers beautiful beaches and warm weather year round with tons of things to do.

How Do I Find a Men’s Halfway House in Palm Beach County?

There are a large number of Men’s Halfway Houses in the Palm Beach County area. There is a Solution is a free referral resource that helps addicts and alcoholics find the treatment services that are most appropriate for their needs. We work with a number of men’s halfway houses in Palm Beach County and can find you placement in one immediately. We work only with reputable and respected halfway houses that we know we can trust. Over the past few years, we have seen a tremendous amount of growth in the amount of halfway houses in Palm Beach County. Unfortunately, some individuals have opened halfway houses with the sole focus of making money and little regard for the welfare of the residents. These houses offer little structure and support, two things that an individual in early recovery desperately needs. The men’s halfway houses that we work with offer onsite management, access to intensive outpatient treatment and regular drug testing. They provide structure and a strong recovery community. There is a Solution can provide you with current and accurate information regarding various halfway houses and valuable feedback about these facilities from our previous clients.

If you would like to learn more about the different men’s halfway houses in Palm Beach County, call There is a Solution today at 1-800-832-5250.