The Benefits of Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida

Substance abuse treatment services in Florida

Substance abuse treatment in Florida offers a diverse group of options and programs. In fact, it is one of the top states for substance abuse treatment.




The benefits of attending a licensed and certified substance abuse treatment center in Florida include:

  • Receiving treatment that addresses the cause—not the symptoms

Substance abuse treatment must address the underlying causes and issues that have led to or contributed to addictive behaviors. If these issues are not addressed, the addict or alcoholic will most likely continue to drink and use.

  • Detoxing with the help of medical professionals and addictions therapists

Often, the idea of detoxing keeps addicts and alcoholics from getting the substance abuse treatment they need. They are afraid of the pain and discomfort of withdrawals. Florida is home to some of the best detox facilities in the country. Relying on a combination of state-of-the-art scientific and holistic methods, detox facilities in Florida can make the process as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

  • Getting long-term care

Long-term care is key in staying sober. Many individuals choose to attend long-term treatment in Florida because of its year-round beautiful weather and quality treatment centers. In fact, individuals that come down for substance abuse treatment will often fall in love with Florida and its strong recovery community and end up staying.

  • Finding the sober living facility that is right for you

There are numerous sober living facilities located close to the beach in Florida. The tranquil and relaxing atmosphere is conducive to the healing process. Residents staying at these sober living facilities are often able to enjoy 12 Step meetings held on the beach.

There is a Solution is a free treatment and sober living referral and intervention service that helps individuals and their loved ones through the process of getting the substance abuse treatment they need. We are there at each step of the way, intervening when a loved one refuses to go to treatment, finding the right facility, arranging placement, finding aftercare services and reserving a bed at a halfway house. Our goal is to ensure that you or your loved one is able to get affordable, comprehensive and effective treatment that can allow for lasting recovering to occur.

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