What You Should Know About Synthetic Drugs

image of synthetic drugsWhat are Synthetic Drugs?

Synthetic drugs include Cannabinoids and Cathinones. Cannabinoids refer to fake marijuana, sold as incense and labeled “Not for Human Consumption.” Many people know it as Spice, Mr. Nice Guy or Mr. Smiley—the brand names it is sold as. Cathinones refers to bath salts, a synthetic meth or cocaine.

Are Synthetic Drugs Dangerous?

Synthetic drugs pose a number of physical and mental health risks to users. Many people underestimate how powerful these drugs are because in some states they can purchase them at a gas station. However user’s report side effects including panic attacks, self-mutilation, hallucinations, increased heart rate, sweating, chest pain, confusion and a desire for the experience to end. The White House’s National Office for Drug Control Policy classified these drugs as a “Rapidly Emerging Threat” and “Risk to Public Health.” CNN featured a story about a 16 year old female with no underlying health issues that suffered a stroke after using synthetic marijuana. The initial legality of synthetic drugs was not a result of a perceived lack of danger; but rather companies manufacturing these drugs intentionally looked for legal loopholes that would allow them to push their product.  In 2010 synthetic marijuana was responsible for 11,406 ER visits. Alarmingly, a majority of those visits were for teens age 12 to 17. It has certainly become apparent that even one time users put themselves at risk. It is frightening to think what we will learn down the line about the long term effects of regular use. Synthetic drugs are quickly becoming illegal throughout the States.

Can You Drug Test for Synthetic Drugs?

When synthetic drugs first started to gain popularity, they were undetectable through traditional drug testing methods. In fact, many people starting to smoke “fake weed” rather than marijuana so that they could pass drug tests. However, advances in lab technology are now able to detect these drugs.

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